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A retro is supposed to be an equivalent to Habbo, so, HabboPHP recreate the same website of Habbo Hotel, with the same functions and the same appearance. But, like retros are special, we had special features! Read the next to learn more, or see our demonstration!

A perfect copy of Habbo

We used the design of Habbo. In this way, you can propose to your users a clear interface which will not change habits of your users.

A lot of paiements methods and a VIP month shop

To make profitable your retro, we integrated a shop who include a monthly VIP, a badge shop, and a lot of payments methods.

An easy, complete and design administration

Usually, to administer a retro(rear-view mirror) it is disagreeable. On HabboPHP, we propose you a clear, design, clean and very complete administration. You will not have to touch any more the code!

And a lot of features !

Like Facebook connect, or perfect Homepages!